Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy…

Work isn’t a happy place at the moment. This is a new job for me (I started in October) and the team I have joined are a little dysfunctional. I came onboard because someone new had been put in charge of the business development and marketing team, and he needed some extra people. I was told from the outset that there was unhappiness within the team but, it’s not like anything I’ve ever experienced before. There is tension, anger and a horrible atmosphere. I can’t say anymore that coming to work is a joy (which I used to this time last year when I worked for the best firm in the world, with the best people in the world).

Today’s #fmsphotoaday is ‘something yellow’. I looked around my office for inspiration and I saw the yellow post-it notes (or sticky notes as the Aussies would call them). I burst out laughing. This is something that doesn’t normally happen in this office and it may have broken that horrible atmosphere for just a second (whilst everyone is wondering if I’m crazy). It reminded me of a time in London, I was working for an American law firm and my manager and I were on a teleconference. The most boring teleconference in all the world. We were imitating sleeping to each other and doodling, and then, out of nowhere, we started sticking post-it notes all over our faces! Yes, had anyone walked in, they would have carted us straight off to the mental hospital. But we laughed, and laughed and laughed. And that call became easier, easier and easier the more we laughed (of course we had muted our end of the conversation).

It’s not that I’m advoating silliness in the workplace but, sometimes you need a little bit of light hearted ridiculous fun when the presssure is on and when things aren’t very nice. And if something can make you do a good old belly laugh, then it’s worth it.

I relived that moment today and stuck post-its on my face. No one here noticed…

Post it notes on my face.  I'm a little bit crazy!

Post it notes on my face. I’m a little bit crazy!

…then I got an email from a Partner from the best firm in the world, telling me it was his first day back after the Christmas break and he could see a giant yellow duck on Sydney Harbour. I told him I could see the same on a big screen at Martin Place. His response was simply “Are you sure we’re not just sharing the same apparition?”. My answer, “We could be. They might cart us both off to the mental hospital but, at least we’ll have each other!”

Giant yellow duck on Sydney Harbour.  Maybe I have really gone crazy?

Giant yellow duck on Sydney Harbour. Maybe I have really gone crazy?

So that’s two yellow things and one slightly mental blogger seen today!


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