It’s not fun being me today

I’m not a ‘sick’ person. It is pretty rare that I start to feel fluey but today I really do. The last place I want to be is at work (and I’m pretty sure it is the last place I should be as my colleagues surely don’t want to catch whatever bug I have) but, at home today (and for the next three days) I have builders converting the attic in my new rental for storage. As much as this is annoying for me, it will give me a little more space in my tiny little cottage style home which is great. Or, it would be if I wasn’t feeling so crappy.

All I want to do is go home to bed but instead I am sat at my desk, pretending to work when I am actually just letting my mind wander (and fighting to keep my eyes open). So this is my distraction. Writing a blog when my head is feeling all fuzzy and disorientated. It’s not fun being me today!


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