Putting a wrong, right

Today’s #fmsphotoaday title is ‘something new’.  It’s the second of January, and the second day of my year.  I have returned to work but, that isn’t new.  That is in fact pretty old and sitting here at my desk, it certainly feels very old (and boring).  So I got thinking, what in my life is new?

I have a new attitude and I am feeling very positive about the days ahead.  I’m sure there are a lot of people feeling like that though.  I found myself looking up, around and finally down, when it struck me.  I’m wearing something new!  My gorgeous flame haired best friend sent me some beautiful lingerie all the way from London.  Today, I am wearing it, and my boobs look good!  Very, very good (even if I do say so myself).

Now I’m not looking to turn this blog into ‘that sort of blog’ (do they exist?) so the photo is actually of the beautiful earrings I was sent alongside the lingerie (sorry guys)!

A beautiful pair of earrings from my flame haired friend in London

A beautiful pair of earrings from my flame haired friend in London

Without someone to show it off to, new lingerie is certainly a luxury and one that I really enjoy.  I’m not wearing it to draw attention, but because it makes me feel good.  That’s not to say, I wouldn’t enjoy the right kind of attention if it came my way.

Last year, I discovered that I had unwittingly drawn the right kind of attention without realising it. I met up with a ‘friend’ who I had travelled with.  We met and spent three months travelling through 19 countries, with 39 other ‘strangers’ in 2007.  We hadn’t seen each other since.  Whilst we were travelling I had a boyfriend, and in no way tried to draw attention to myself or get other boys’ attention but, it seems I had drawn the attention of the most eligible (and unobtainable) bachelor on that trip.

To meet five years later and discover that this strong, passionate, determined man still held a flame for me was just the ego boost I needed after a horrific break up.  Our fling was brief and ended with a drunken text message that I sincerely regret sending (come on, we’ve all done it).

On New Year’s Eve, the day before I started writing this blog, I received a facebook friend request from one of this man’s best friends.  I messaged back explaining that I didn’t think he had the right person and that I didn’t think we’ve ever met (we definitely haven’t).  Then I messaged my unobtainable man and asked him about the message from his friend.  He always replies (even since the drunken text mistake), but there has been radio silence.

Being a person who overthinks things until I know the reason behind them, I can’t get this out of my head, and have come up with three options as to what has happened (of course, I had to try and see the possible good in all that happens, so option number two, is pure fantasy):

  1. A genuine mistake – there was another girl who looks similar with a similar name and we got confused somehow.
  2. Does he still think about me? Could it be that my unobtainable man was talking about me in a positive light?
  3. The stalker – Has this      friend just looked through the friends of the unobtainable man and asked any girl of a certain age to be his friend?

In reality, number one is probably true.  I hope beyond hope, that it is definitely not number three! Best case scenario, it’s number two and 2013 will give me the opportunity to put a wrong, right. Why not? After all, it is my year.