It’s getting hot in here…

Today sees me nursing another hangover. Tomorrow will see the same. And tomorrow is moving day. I’m not sure hangovers and moving actually mix very well together but I can let you know about that tomorrow (well, I can if my internet is working).

What I can tell you don’t mix well together are hangovers and heat. Sydney boiled today with the thermometer reaching 45 degrees. Standing waiting for a bus in that heat, when your heads all fuzzy and your mouth is dry is not nice. Not nice at all. My hangover actually wasn’t that bad, it was just exemplified by the heat. But what worried me more was the though of my poor little border collie, sat at home (with all fans on and plenty of water) boiling. I hate seeing her uncomofortable and especially when there is very little I can do to help. Yes, I can shower her down with the house. I can give her ice-cream but I can’t make it cool enough for her.

Jess is used to the weather in the UK. That’s where she was born and where she lived for the first twelve years of her life, so this sort of heat is totally alien to her. She would much prefer the cold extremes of the UK to the desert heat we are experiencing. She does however love, Aussie winters as she knows that we will stay out for longer because it’s not as cold. Some people think bringing her over was cruel. I think it would have been crueller to have her put to sleep because of a decision I was making about my life, or to make her start again with another family. Jess is a rescue dog so being abadoned is not something she should ever experience again. She is also a huge part of my life, and wherever I go, she comes with me.

Today’s #fmsphotoaday is ‘Shadow’ and though I can see my shadow creeping across my desk (which means it’s nearly hometime), when I think of Shadow I think of only one thing. A dog that was a big part of my life for a few years. My ex’s Mum’s dog (a german shephered, collie cross) who is gorgeous. So here’s Shadow (who is probably enjoying the snow in the UK, rather than suffering in the heat in Australia).

The gorgeous Shadow

The gorgeous Shadow


There’s no place like home

What is an ordinary moment? Or even an ordinary day? My facebook newsfeed is currently full of people going on and on about ice and snow. They’re all in the UK. But me? I’m in Australia. An ordinary moment for me, is having a beer in the sun, or as I also did today, going for a walk, not realising the power of the sun and realising afterwards that I’m a tad pink.

There is no such thing as ordinary. Certainly for me, every day is different. Sometimes I wish for the mundane. The lives I hear my friends live. The life at home. Where the same thing happens every day. On the weekend, the same people go to the same pubs and have the same arguments over and over again. It’s like groundhog day. But I love it and I miss it. And that’s what makes it home. For now I’m happy with the uncertainty and the everchanging landscape that is my life. But to the people at home, I beg you, never change. If you do, it won’t be home anymore.

An ordinary moment is today’s #fmsphotoaday:

A beer in the sun

A beer in the sun

Lots of eggs, lots of baskets

So, here it is. Today will either be filled with disappointment or gleeful smiles and jumping around the room. Let’s hope for the latter.

I have two property applications in. There were lots of people at both viewings (which took place on the weekend) but I am still hopeful that the real estate agent and landlord, look at my application and see something special and offer me the place.

As we all know, it would be silly to put all my eggs in one basket (which is why there are two applications in) but also, I have started to push the door open on another opportunity. An opportunity to return home.

I am not originally from Australia and I arrived here originally in December 2007, then left in January 2009, only to return in July 2011. When I came back, I thought this was it. I was engaged, I had the puppy I had yearned for my whole life with me and I had secured the best job in the world. What could go wrong? In truth, everything. 2012 saw me lose it all (including custody of my beautiful puppy who I still have access to but without a good property I cannot have full time).

Losing my job (which was all down to a very bitter and messed up reverse takeover between two accountancy firms) has meant that I have ended up in another job (great news) that I don’t like half as much as my last job (not so great news). It also means that I have to wait another two years before I can get permanent residency (“PR”) in Australia and therefore any security in my position here (without PR, if I lose my job, I have 28 days to find another one or get out of the country). But, let’s not dwell.

This has made me rethink my plans to stay. Can I cope two years with no security? I don’t think so. Could life be better at home? Maybe.

With this in mind, I have activated recruitment consultants in Bristol, England and Cardiff, Wales as well as looking into costs and process to take Jess back with me.

Our #fmsphotoaday photo today is ‘street’. Pretty approriate considering this property related post!

Where will the road take me in 2013?

Where will the road take me in 2013?

This year, my year, both the ‘stay in Australian door’ and the ‘return home door’ are being knocked on. I wonder which will open?

Today I read, and wanted to share, someone else’s blog entry which I absolutely adored. Another one about new year’s resolutions which made me smile and feel all positive again. So here it is Sarah’s blog and here’s Neil Gaiman’s picture (from his Twitter account) which I absolutely adore:

Love, love, love this!  Let's try and live by it!

Love, love, love this! Let’s try and live by it!

Is it really 2013?

Is it really 2013? I ask the question because I keep reading things that make me think I am living in the 1950s, or even 1820s. Over the past few months, stories about women in Islamic countries and the poor treatment they are subjected to has been hitting the media.

I have travelled through Iran, Pakistan, India and Indonesia. Each of these countries (particularly Iran) has a strong Islamic faith. I have experienced firsthand what it is like to be ‘not seen’ because of my gender. I have experienced what it is like to be treated differently because I am a woman and to be aware that I am constantly at risk if I do not have a trustworthy man with me. I recall being told, when we entered Iran, that women should not look men in the eyes. To do so means you want to have sex with them and they can then do with you as they please. Can you imagine a rape case coming to court in the UK, Australia or the US where the man’s defence was ‘she looked me in the eyes’? Not that these cases get to court. The women who are subjected to such disgraceful acts have a much worse fate than being questioned in a witness box.

I read today about Indonesia and Aceh town’s plan to bring in a new law banning women from straddling motorcycles. They are bringing in this law to encourage women to wear skirts instead of trousers and to apparently ‘honour women with this ban, because they are delicate creatures’. Are they so delicate that they can be asked to ride side saddle and therefore risk coming off a motorcycle and dying? Shouldn’t a delicate creature be put in the safest position possible and protected at all costs? Women are not delicate. We deserve to be treated as equals and with respect. I fear bringing in a law such as this, demotes women’s place in society and makes men feel superior and powerful, a feeling that unfortunately, over time, then leads to attacks such as the one in India earlier this week.

The unnamed Indian woman was brutally gang raped. The horrific nature of the attack has sickened people around the world and caused protests. India is now looking at implementing a new law and trying to make things safer for women. It will take time and strict implementation of laws to change attitudes but at least India, unlike Aceh town, is going in the right direction.

Today’s #fmsphotoaday is “the view from here”. My view is of a world where people are treated the same no matter what race, gender, sexuality or whatever else they have going on. I wish that view were the same for everyone, everywhere today.

I thank my lucky stars that I get to live in a safe (and beautiful) country

I thank my lucky stars that I get to live in a safe (and beautiful) country

It is 2013 and it is up to each of us individually to take a stand against inequality. This is my year and this is me trying to help by spreading the word and giving the women who are denied it, a voice.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything - Albert Einstein

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything – Albert Einstein