Who called me special?

When we first rescused my beautiful border collie pup from Battersea Dogs Home, we came to the conculsion she was a little special. Border collie’s are of course supposed to be super intelligent and Jess, at the prime age of 11, seemed to know nothing, didn’t want to learn and was scared of everything from tiled floors to cuddly toys.

Four years on and I actually realise she is super intelligent. I’ve taught her to chase a ball when we’re in the park, but she refuses to bring it back to me. Instead she stands and looks from it to me, as if to say “go on then, come and get it”. If you watch us, it looks like I’m fetching the ball and then throwing it to her! I do all the work. Who’s the clever one here?

Today Jess surpassed herself. As it’s a super hot day in Sydney, I took her to the garden, opened the back gate (which opens onto a little park) and pointed the hose at her. She was drenched (but cool) and she gave me a stinking look! I ushered her outside to dry off a little before coming back into the house. Jess normally battles me to come in but she went straight out, and headed for the crowds of people who had just come out of the Church in their Sunday best. Yes, my clever Collie, definitely got her own back on me, by standing next to those people, dressed in all their finery, and shaking. They were soaked, I was apologising like no one’s business. It was a true ‘Marley and Me’ moment. And, with that Jess gave me a satisfied look and wandered back to the house.

She can be a nightmare (and she’s still scared of tiled floors), but she sure has hell makes me smile and most importantly, she is mine (the title of today’s #fmsphotoaday).

She's saying it about the ball and I'm saying it about her (all mine)

She’s saying it about the ball and I’m saying it about her (all mine)

This is my year, and it is moment’s like this that, although embarassing, that make me grateful for all I have (plus those people were coming out of church, surely they must have to forgive me, right?).