It’s not fun being me today

I’m not a ‘sick’ person. It is pretty rare that I start to feel fluey but today I really do. The last place I want to be is at work (and I’m pretty sure it is the last place I should be as my colleagues surely don’t want to catch whatever bug I have) but, at home today (and for the next three days) I have builders converting the attic in my new rental for storage. As much as this is annoying for me, it will give me a little more space in my tiny little cottage style home which is great. Or, it would be if I wasn’t feeling so crappy.

All I want to do is go home to bed but instead I am sat at my desk, pretending to work when I am actually just letting my mind wander (and fighting to keep my eyes open). So this is my distraction. Writing a blog when my head is feeling all fuzzy and disorientated. It’s not fun being me today!


Give me a break!

I feel like the ying and yang thing from yesterday is going a bit far. I seem to go from one very good day (like yesterday, throwing positive energy out into the world), to one bad day. Which of course, is today.

There is a little bit of evil in my life at the moment. It is at work so I can’t really go into it too much. We have all experienced when there is that one person in our life, who we may or may not have the option to get rid of, who poisons everyone and everything else with their negativity, laziness and just general rude nature.

The exchange I have had with this person today has left me physically shaking with anger, feeling a little sick and generally angry. It isn’t even lunch time but I am serious need of some down time and a beer would go down nicely (but it isn’t even one o’clock).

Then I started writing this post and another thought came into my mind, how sad a life must this person live to act like this all the time. The way I am feeling right now, maybe they feel like that all the time. That’s a truly horrible thought.

I cannot make things better. This person has made their own bed and they continue to ‘bite the hand that feeds them’. All I can do is try to tolerate them and control my own feelings.

#fmsphotoaday is ‘one o’clock’. Believe me I am yearning for it:

Please hurry up one' o clock!

Please hurry up one’ o clock!

I cannot cope with feeling like this. I cannot cope doing someone else’s work all the time. I cannot cope with nothing going my way. Please, please, please let something change.