Bunchie McClune is a girl in her 30s (eek!), who had the worst year of her life in 2012. There was no massive tragedy and often she thinks how lucky she is to have the life she does and even, the problems that comes with it.

It seemed in 2012, from the very beginning, every time Bunchie managed to get back on her feet and take a positive outlook on life, something else came along to knock her back down. As her flame haired best friend told her, “the last 12 months have been an insane rollercoaster for you. Being made redundant and having to face coming home when you didn’t feel ready was tough. Then finding yourself nearly homeless and dealing with all the ex shit- honestly most people would have lost the plot. I think you have been incredible the way you have just hung on in there and dealt with it.”

And so, as the world celebrated the New Year coming into view, Bunchie raised a glass and decided this was her year, and she wanted to share it with the world.


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