Welcome to hangover central!

I met up with a friend for a catch-up last night.  I explained what had happened at the office to her whilst drinking beer.  Clearly I drank a lot of beer. When I opened my eyes this morning, I realised that for the first time in 2013, I had arrived at ‘Hangover Central’.

Today’s #fmsphotoaday is ‘water’. And I need to drink plenty of it to survive the day.

Keep drinking....

Keep drinking….

I’d love to say I’ll never drink again but, we just know that’s not going to happen


Putting some ying with the usual yang

I’m a bit of a letter writer. When something is really unsatisfactory I feel compelled to get out my pen and paper (or in reality, my laptop and printer) and let Head Office know what they’ve done wrong. There are two reasons I do this:

1. To help improve customer service and hopefully to ensure someone else doesn’t have to go through whatever unpleasant experience I’ve been through
2. To resolve the problem and (if everything works out) be compensated in some way for the unpleasant experience.

Where I let myself down is I don’t follow the ‘ying and yang’ rule. What you do one way, you should do the other. I should be writing letters when I have had a really good experience to make sure people know how appreciated they are. Not only will this (hopefully) encourage good customer service but, it may bring a smile to someone’s face, ensure they get a pat on the back and are recognised as being good as the job (and we all like that, don’t we?).

So one week into 2013 and I have written no letters of complaint at all. What I have done is:

1. Sent an email to Nicole Gunther of Raine & Horne, thanking her for her polite email telling me I had been unsuccessful in my property application and wishing me luck with the property hunt. Since my last experience where no one contacted me, I felt it was worth saying ‘thank you’.
2. Written a letter to Pandora to tell them about their awesome sales assistant, Lauren (who has helped me out twice in the last week and is absolutely brilliant at her job).
3. Sent an email telling Peter from Skillful Minds telling him that I want to kiss him (apparently a bear hug will do when I see him) for changing the dates of the meditation and yoga retreat I inadvertently booked on a weekend I had to work.

‘Paper’ is today’s #fmsphotoaday:

Why not get your pen and paper out and write to tell someone how great they are?

Why not get your pen and paper out and write to tell someone how great they are?

It’s important to say thank you. And I hope to continue this positive trend throughout my year.